My name is Bill Pappas. I am a photographer and graphic designer. The full story is a long, winding road that I will attempt to condense for you.

I was born and raised in St. Louis and after high school I attended the University of Arkansas. At Arkansas, I studied photojournalism and was able to study journalism in London, work on the school newspaper and yearbook, and get published in Missouri 24/7 and Best of College Photography 2004. After that I assisted other photographers and then moved to Hawaii where I worked as a photographer on a cruise ship.

Eventually, I moved back to St. Louis and worked as a photographer for companies like Monsanto and interned at Alive Magazine. Usually, I shoot events, portraits and travel when I can. Along the way I went back to school and studied graphic design, which I found that I liked just as much as photography. With graphic design, I worked with St. Louis charities and companies on everything from rebranding to creating posters. So that is almost everything. The rest you'll just have to ask me yourself.